The end of Indian Only Feed Exposition (FTE 2017), Indian feed enterprises frenzy on Daynew

     During 23rd to 25th Feb,2017, the India’s Only Feed Exposition, Feed Tech Expo 2017(FTE 2017) was held grandly in Haryana, India. As the only systematic solution provider for aquatic feed enterprises from China, Daynew brought excellent premix products and incredible aquatic technology to the exposition, together with over 300 exhibitors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Africa, Europe and so on.

     The corporate video played on the screen drew in large crowds of clients all over the world. They felt impressively to the advanced aquatic feed nutrition technology, aquatic feed processing technology and efficient aquaculture technology, which were showed by Daynew. And they also concentrated on our products as well as compound premix product, aquatic animal growth promoter -- “DayWin”, liver and intestine protector -- “DayHealth”, anti-stressor -- “DayBest”, streamed in and out to consult the discussion. Many clients asked us for brochures and samples.

      During the exposition, many Indian aquatic counterparts asked us for many technical questions such as feed nutrition, product processing and feed utilization. We gave all the comprehensive answers to everyone patiently, which showed our strength and profound aquaculture technology. Meanwhile we won the praises and attention from Indian counterparts. After the exposition, the organizer awarded the honor--"Award of Best Contribution Overseas Enterprise” to Daynew in order to show their appreciation and hoped us to keep on the aquaculture connection between India and China, and promote the development of Indian aquaculture.

Exposition Introduction

      Feed Tech Expo 2017(FTE 2017) is Indian Only Feed Exposition. The exposition provides latest feed technology and innovative ideas. The feed industry scale is predicted to scale up to double as much as the present scale in next 5 years, with the production value up to 30 billion USD. Besides, aquatic feed becomes the major driving factor among them. However, the development of aquatic feed industry can’t keep pace with the increasing population, and require advanced technology from other countries, especially from China, to promote the development of Indian aquaculture.

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The organizer awarded the honor—“Award of Best Contribution Overseas Enterprise” to Daynew

Award of Best Contribution Overseas Enterprise