Dr. Chen Yuhang was invited to attend the Third Practical Technology Forum on Aquatic Feed in Central China

The Third Practical Technology Forum on Aquatic Feed in Central China was grandly held in Henan Yellow River Yingbin Grand Hotel on 24th to 26 March, 2017. The symposium which topic is “Supply organizational reform——survival and breakthrough” focus on all kinds of technical problems on environmental pressures and green technological revolution, aquatic feed formula and processing technology upgrade, aquaculture diseases and prevention, aquatic microbial technology and aquaculture profit structure and so on. Dr. Chen Yuhang of Daynew TEO was invited to give a wonderful report with another 20 experts of Chinese aquatic feed area. They mainly shared their achievement and experience in all aspects of aquaculture to promote common development of industry and academia.

Dr. Chen Yuhang of Daynew shared the cost-effectiveness solution of grass carp feed formulation under extruding process, provided reference with detailed experimental data in three nutrients (protein, starch, premix) to Central China aquaculture. He won the applause of all the audience. As a result, they kept asking for more details from Dr. Chen Yuhang after the symposium. Many of customers and friends from Central China treat the symposium as the gold and even hope to make further cooperation and communication with Daynew.

Daynew has comprehensive experimental facilities, such as culture pond base, indoor automatic recirculation system and marine cage base. Daynew has finished more than 150 experiments every year on larval breeding, feed formula optimization, aquatic nutrition and pond probiotic research. We have made deep researches and accumulated a huge aquatic nutrition data in this industry for more than 15 years, which have accumulated rich industry experience with a wide range of international resources.

As a Systematic Solution Provider For Aquatic Feed Enterprises, Daynew stays ahead to provide systematic and scientific solutions in raw material quality control, purchasing information sharing, feed processing technology improvement, feed formula optimization, product effect tracking, aquaculture technology services and so on. Daynew has always been adhering to promote peer exchanges and improve industrial progress.