The 2016 middle-of-the-year conferences of DAYNEW

    During 18th to 19th of July, 2016, Guangdong Daynew Bio-technology Co., Ltd held the 2016 middle-of-the-year conference  successfully in Fu Shui Gui Shan Hotel – Guiyang. 

    The attendance was managers, sales and the members of each departments. Focusing on the theme of " To strengthen the business ability and improve the comprehensive service ability ", this training course invited professor Liu Ying from Dalian Ocean University, professor Gu Zemao from Huazhong Agricultural University and our company elites to attend the training course and make reports.

    The conference showed 10 theme reports, reports involved "How to promote rules and cement cohesion?" "How to provide systematic and scientific solutions for our clients?" "How to set the nutrition index?" "How to formulate the special feed?" The conference was rich in content and utility was consistent evaluation of participants of the training class.

Professor Liu Ying from Dalian Ocean University 

Professor Gu Zemao from Huazhong Agricultural University

Group Pictures